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The first time I heard Ruben Blades was live at El Campin, the National Stadium in Bogota, Colombia. I must've been 11 or 12... My cousins Mariana y Ale took me. That was a really special day, still feel it in my hips.

Gracias Ale y Marianin las amo. 


Pero senoras y senores, en medio del plastico
tambien se ven las caras de esperanza
se ven las caras orgullosas
que trabajan por una latinoamerica unida
y por un manana de esperanza y de libertad
Se ven las caras de trabajo y de sudor
de gente de carne y hueso que no se vendio
de gente trabajando, buscando el nuevo camino
orgullosas de su herencia y de ser latino
de una raza unida, la que Bolivar sono.

Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela
Peru, Republica Dominicana, Cuba, Costa Rica
Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia
Argentina, Nicaragua sin Somoza,
el barrio, la esquina, los estudiantes.



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KNOW-WAVE RADIO () reached out to me and invited me to share through the waves. If you're listening, or reading this. Thank you for sharing your time with me, thank you for growing with me. May what streams through me serve you in some way. 

Since I've been using the internet, teachers have been streaming thru.

In different ways, on different days, they share their truth.

I dedicate this space to them. Passing on links to their gifts.

It starts with Clara.

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